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  • #11451 Flower Wall Sculpture
    • Size: Small
    • Price: $34
  • #11452 Flower Wall Sculpture
    • Size: Medium
    • Price: $55
  • #11453 Flower Wall Sculpture
    • Size: Large
    • Price: $103


  • What if we told you there's a garden where the flowers live forever? These hand made porcelain wall sculptures mimic the elegant shapes and details of real perennials. Hang them on your wall to give it a touch of botanical inspiration.
    • Hand Made
    • Hangs or Sits on a Table
    • Soft White Glazed Porcelain Finish
    • Each Petal Individually Crafted Recreating All The Details of a Genuine Leaf.
    • Displayed Individually or in a Group They Bring Nature Into a Home

Flower Wall Sculptures

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